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22nd-Nov-2014 11:18 pm - this crossposting business.
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 Because I'm great at reading comprehension, I finally figured out the Dreamwidth/LJ crossposting business. Only took me three years. Or more. Whatever. My most recent entry is here in case you missed it (since I noticed a lot of people tend to use Dreamwidth more nowadays than LJ).

tl;dr I'm on Tumblr, I'm writing again, I'm cursing why I'm writing a Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes sports AU but I'll blame a meme for that.

(help oh god).

16th-Nov-2014 06:39 pm - what's going onnn (and I say...)
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oh LJ. I wanna do a check in on the state of things, but then I don't, and then I forget, and blah blah blah.

So if you don't already have me on Tumblr, I'm here. If you do, yay! If not, here's what I've been up to...

-- Cap 2 / MCU / Steve/Bucky has eaten my brain. I've been making a lot of art about it/them.

-- I stopped watching Supernatural and and into Marvel. ...uh if it wasn't already obvious? I do feel like checking out the 200th episode for nostalgia reasons but I have so much catching up to do and lately...

-- Work is eating my brain as it does for everyone. I've had two separate things pop up today and it's making me irritable. Hard not to just dive into fannish/relaxing stuff when I get home because I'm usually so tired as it is.

-- Travel! I finally took my first vacation in two years and went to Dragon*Con for the first time back in August. I dressed up as Gamora and the Winter Soldier. Also did NYCC where I did Winter Soldier, again. I have the cosplay bug; I'm already plotting what I'll dress up as for D*C next year.

-- Wincon! I missed out on Wincon this year because it was either one or the other (*points up*) and I needed a break so Atlanta it was. If you haven't already checked out the IndieGoGo campaign for Wincon, you should (or at least tell your friends).

-- Writing is easier and by that I mean, it totally isn't, and I'm not churning out fic at the rate I used to, but I was in college with barely shit to do when I wrote so much (and now I have work. So. Makes sense.) Working on some AUs and I missed out on the Marvel Big Bang because I'm lame. But I feel like I've expanded this summer in the sense that I've done a lot of ficlets/smaller stuff (much of it kink), and just getting over the kink hurdle has made me feel like I can do anything? Whereas before with fandom hiearchies and all this other shit got in the way but literally no one cares and you write for yourself and yes it's taken me years to realize this. I NEVER SAID I WAS QUICK ON THE UPTAKE.

So that's the state of me.
10th-Apr-2014 08:42 pm - we're up all night to find bucky
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If you like the Winter Soldier and fanmixes, you should check out the one I made the other day. 80's! Cyberpunk! DAFT PUNK. Yeaaaaahhh.

I may not be around on LJ but I'm posting a shit load of Cap edits on Tumblr if that's your bag. (Uh, if Bucky Barnes is your bag, I guess. Cap 2 spoilers abound.)
23rd-Mar-2014 10:26 pm - hi LJ! how's things?
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I am updating to say I saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier at one of those fan screenings this week and it was amazing. (The theater wasn't but that's because they overbooked and somehow me getting there 5 hours early worked out in the end, eeesh.) Anyway, not sure how many of you guys are into it but go see the movie when it's released. I felt that it was the best Marvel movie since the Avengers. I rambled a bit about it here (very vague and general) and I might post my thoughts in an LJ post just so I have it down somewhere. Can't really post it on Tumblr right now because I am wary of spoiling people by accident (seriously, the movie is SO good, you don't want to be spoiled).

in other news, I posted Bucky/Steve fic! LIKE AN ADULT. Or some shit. I'm working on an AU now. IT WILL NOT DEFEAT ME.
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Thought I should crosspost from my Tumblr (since in my absence from LJ I keep seeing a few of you into Avengers or Cap here or on AO3): AU art I did for Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes -- AU with a twist.

Art: Who the hell is Steve? (Captain America & The Avengers, Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers)Collapse )

...yes, Winter Soldier and Cap (and Bucky and Steve and BuckyandSteve) have eaten my brain (made a quick LJ background since it's been so long) aaaahhhh I need it.
18th-Sep-2013 08:59 pm - sleepy hollow is really good you guys
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It's ridiculous and fun and I like it a lot. Looking forward to watching.

I could've sworn I posted an entry a few weeks ago re: the new Batman casting but um, guess not. I can do that sometime this weekend? (Also less crazed with time passing, heh).

How are you? :)
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Saw it twice, IMAX 3D on Friday night, regular 2D on Saturday morning.

Man of Steel (spoilers)Collapse )
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16th-May-2013 10:54 pm - star trek into darkness (spoilers)
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Saw Star Trek Into Darkness last night as part of an AMC fan sneak peek screening (miraculously got tickets 2 months ago!). BIG SPOILERS under the cut.

Star Trek Into Darkness [SPOILERS]Collapse )
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15th-May-2013 01:49 pm - iron man 3 and star trek
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Watch this space. I feel like I should make a proper "Iron Man 3 was amazing and I saw it 3 times in one week let me tell you my feelings" post, but I think what's worth being said has... been said. Come talk to me about that thing at the end though, you know the one. *_*

I'm seeing Star Trek Into Darkness tonight which I am not really excited to see tbh, for reasons I won't get into (having purchased tickets 2 months ago) but I get to hang out with people I like and maybe I will enjoy it? Or something.

I am plotting my next wincon  ensemble and it's a pain in the butt, because I have... ideas?? Nothing concrete though. I have An Idea but probably doesn't fit whatever theme, which, okay, not like you HAVE to do the theme. Spoiler: there will be something metallic involved. That's vague enough for every idea actually.

Also, on a serious note, part of me wants to make a big "this is an update on my life!" if you don't follow me on Tumblr or Twitter, but honestly I hate making those (because I feel like I'm bothering people) so... probably not. That is not an invite to say it's not bothering; I just get weird phases of not wanting to post private stuff, and here's a phase! Whoo.

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Here's my art for __tiana__'s j2_everafter story, "Second Star To The Right" based off of Peter Pan! This was very last minute so I couldn't do anything elaborate (and I've been crazy busy the past week with my birthday and work) but I was able to whip up these two for her! ...I may tweak them later because I am that dork.

Artwork under the cut.

Second Star To The Right [Artwork]Collapse )
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