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10th-Apr-2014 08:42 pm - we're up all night to find bucky
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If you like the Winter Soldier and fanmixes, you should check out the one I made the other day. 80's! Cyberpunk! DAFT PUNK. Yeaaaaahhh.

I may not be around on LJ but I'm posting a shit load of Cap edits on Tumblr if that's your bag. (Uh, if Bucky Barnes is your bag, I guess. Cap 2 spoilers abound.)

While you're at it, check out this Kickstarter for Gertrude Bell: adventurer, diplomat, spy, a woman lost to history. 500 backers is the goal. It'd mean a lot to me if you guys can link, tweet, etc. Thanks, lovelies!
23rd-Mar-2014 10:26 pm - hi LJ! how's things?
► avengers; ironhulk
I am updating to say I saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier at one of those fan screenings this week and it was amazing. (The theater wasn't but that's because they overbooked and somehow me getting there 5 hours early worked out in the end, eeesh.) Anyway, not sure how many of you guys are into it but go see the movie when it's released. I felt that it was the best Marvel movie since the Avengers. I rambled a bit about it here (very vague and general) and I might post my thoughts in an LJ post just so I have it down somewhere. Can't really post it on Tumblr right now because I am wary of spoiling people by accident (seriously, the movie is SO good, you don't want to be spoiled).

in other news, I posted Bucky/Steve fic! LIKE AN ADULT. Or some shit. I'm working on an AU now. IT WILL NOT DEFEAT ME.
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Thought I should crosspost from my Tumblr (since in my absence from LJ I keep seeing a few of you into Avengers or Cap here or on AO3): AU art I did for Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes -- AU with a twist.

Art: Who the hell is Steve? (Captain America & The Avengers, Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers)Collapse )

...yes, Winter Soldier and Cap (and Bucky and Steve and BuckyandSteve) have eaten my brain (made a quick LJ background since it's been so long) aaaahhhh I need it.
18th-Sep-2013 08:59 pm - sleepy hollow is really good you guys
○ wonder woman; red
It's ridiculous and fun and I like it a lot. Looking forward to watching.

I could've sworn I posted an entry a few weeks ago re: the new Batman casting but um, guess not. I can do that sometime this weekend? (Also less crazed with time passing, heh).

How are you? :)
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Saw it twice, IMAX 3D on Friday night, regular 2D on Saturday morning.

Man of Steel (spoilers)Collapse )
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16th-May-2013 10:54 pm - star trek into darkness (spoilers)
► star wars; guess what
Saw Star Trek Into Darkness last night as part of an AMC fan sneak peek screening (miraculously got tickets 2 months ago!). BIG SPOILERS under the cut.

Star Trek Into Darkness [SPOILERS]Collapse )
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15th-May-2013 01:49 pm - iron man 3 and star trek
► movies; showtime

Watch this space. I feel like I should make a proper "Iron Man 3 was amazing and I saw it 3 times in one week let me tell you my feelings" post, but I think what's worth being said has... been said. Come talk to me about that thing at the end though, you know the one. *_*

I'm seeing Star Trek Into Darkness tonight which I am not really excited to see tbh, for reasons I won't get into (having purchased tickets 2 months ago) but I get to hang out with people I like and maybe I will enjoy it? Or something.

I am plotting my next wincon  ensemble and it's a pain in the butt, because I have... ideas?? Nothing concrete though. I have An Idea but probably doesn't fit whatever theme, which, okay, not like you HAVE to do the theme. Spoiler: there will be something metallic involved. That's vague enough for every idea actually.

Also, on a serious note, part of me wants to make a big "this is an update on my life!" if you don't follow me on Tumblr or Twitter, but honestly I hate making those (because I feel like I'm bothering people) so... probably not. That is not an invite to say it's not bothering; I just get weird phases of not wanting to post private stuff, and here's a phase! Whoo.

1st-Mar-2013 05:18 pm - Fanart: "Second Star To The Right" by __tiana__
≡ alec; curious
Here's my art for __tiana__'s j2_everafter story, "Second Star To The Right" based off of Peter Pan! This was very last minute so I couldn't do anything elaborate (and I've been crazy busy the past week with my birthday and work) but I was able to whip up these two for her! ...I may tweak them later because I am that dork.

Artwork under the cut.

Second Star To The Right [Artwork]Collapse )
6th-Feb-2013 03:07 pm - warm bodies
Ψ dean; red hell
...you should all go see this movie because it's awesome and holy crap I haven't posted since october, goddamnit LJ.

This would also be a good post to say I had a great time at Wincon (because apparently that's the last thing I posted about here) and friended a good deal of people from there, but if you want to follow my (updated daily) antics, you can message me for my Tumblr address (IDK I like keeping it small and tidy and on a need to know basis).

but anyway. Go see Warm Bodies, it's hilarious and self-aware. And I say that as only liking zombie movies if they involve a Shaun or an Ash in them. :D
16th-Oct-2012 01:08 pm - wincon soon!
♥ wincon; chad
I'm REALLY excited aboutwincon! I haven't had a good week long vacation since... November? I had one in August but that was just me sitting around the house playing video games/chilling out because sometimes you just gotta play games and ignore distractions. Hah, responsible adult, what's that? (But really tho, work was worky. D:)

Anyway, long story short, I'll be getting in on Wednesday afternoon (tomorrow!) and leaving Monday morning. Come by and say hi. I've basically moved to Tumblr/Twitter but I am ALL about Avengers/science bros so I'm happy to chat and make googly eyes at Mark Ruffalo. :D
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